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Esoteric Gamers of Dagon

The Kingsport/Tri-Cities Roleplayers Meetup Group

New game to start up? Or a one shot or 2?

The Adventure Continues

Kingsport Dungeons & Dragons 5e Adventure

We will be Playing Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Books, paper, dice, and pencils provided. We have miniatures to share but while not required it is recommended that you invest in a miniature, your own dice, and your own players handbook. We meet a...

Delta Green: Believe and embrace the conspiracy!

The Kingsport/Tri-Cities Roleplayers Meetup Group

After having Delta Green fake their deaths for a deep cover op, the Agents have lost their New Mexico rights. As in: get out, don't be seen ever again, don't come back, don't compromise the conspiracy by letting anyone know you are still alive....

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