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Build your Legend. Join us at the new Earthdawn game.

The Kingsport/Tri-Cities Roleplayers Meetup Group

• Important to know:Parlainth pictured above Prater - Colere des Dechus - Human Horror StalkerBen - Alorian Valutia - Elven ArcherDan - Antare Turmaquen- Elven ElementalistShawn - Zengu Shieldbreaker - Troll Sky RaiderMark - Naenlor Hawkin -...

Cap Rates, Cash-on-Cash Returns, NOI...Oh My!!!

Tri-Cities Real Estate Investor's Group (REI)

Robert Pryately of will be covering the financial metrics of Real Estate Investing. For instance, on the *operating side*, how to calculate and makesense of Net Operating Income (NOI), Cap Rates, and Cash-on-Cash Returns. Also, the...

Esoteric Gamers of Dagon

The Kingsport/Tri-Cities Roleplayers Meetup Group

New game to start up? Or a one shot or 2?

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