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Build your Legend. Join us at the new Earthdawn game.
2-18-19 7:00 pm - Downtown Kingsport Association
The Kingsport/Tri-Cities Roleplayers Meetup Group

• Important to know:Parlainth pictured above Prater - Colere des Dechus - Human Horror StalkerBen - Alorian Valutia - Elven ArcherDan - Antare Turmaquen- Elven ElementalistShawn - Zengu Shieldbreaker - Troll Sky RaiderMark - Naenlor Hawkin -...

Inventor Center Work Day
2-18-19 7:00 pm - Downtown Kingsport Association
The Inventor Center

The Inventor Center is a public-private partnership with the City of Kingsport. The mission of the Inventor Center is for the community to come together to learn, educate, and inspire in focused areas of the maker arena. It is intended to create...

Don Fenley - Core Data
2-18-19 7:00 pm - Downtown Kingsport Association
Tri-Cities Real Estate Investor's Group (REI)

Don is a journalist and media consultant. He will be presenting localized economic and demographic reports for the Tri-Cities area; focusing on current local landscape, some loose forecasting for 2019 and a little on the demographic trends that's...

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