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Peter Pratti - Knoxville Wholesaler

Tri-Cities Real Estate Investor's Group (REI)

We have had a tremendous amount of interest in wholesaling, so I am thrilled that Peter has agreed to be our speaker for January. He is a successful wholesaler in the Knoxville area, as well as a multi-family investor. He will discuss: How to...

Hack and Tinker Night

The Inventor Center

Drop by The Inventor Center anytime between 5:30-10 PM. We socialize, swaps stories and advice, show off projects, collaborate, and scheme. Our mission, at The Inventor Center, is to support local entrepreneurship and create an environment that...

Esoteric Gamers of Dagon

The Kingsport/Tri-Cities Roleplayers Meetup Group

New game to start up? Or a one shot or 2?

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