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Build your Legend. Join us at the new Earthdawn game.

The Kingsport/Tri-Cities Roleplayers Meetup Group

• Important to know:Kear Avythen pictured above Prater - Colere des Dechus - Human Horror StalkerBen - Alorian Valutia - Elven ArcherDan - Antare Turmaquen- Elven ElementalistShawn - Zengu Shieldbreaker - Troll Sky RaiderMark - Naenlor Hawkin -...

The Adventure Continues

Kingsport Dungeons & Dragons 5e Adventure

We will be Playing Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Books, paper, dice, and pencils provided. We have miniatures to share but while not required it is recommended that you invest in a miniature, your own dice, and your own players handbook. We meet a...


Tri-Cities Social Circle

All mini- golf lovers...and everyone else, here is a newly opened location. The courses are a challenge but so much fun so bring your best game and lets see what you have. FOR ALL YOU NEW MEMBERS: We've hosted a few mini golf meetup and they're...

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Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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